Dance is a harmonious art form, encompassing all sensory aspects of life- a sensitive response to music and basic rhythm, an appreciation of the graceful line and the development of a keen sense of self and special awareness. As performing artists, teachers and choreographers, the goal of CDE is to develop technically proficient dancers, while ensuring they experience the exhilaration of creative self-expression through movement.

The curriculum is dedicated to providing pre-professional ballet training for students. The Center for Dance Education is the official school for Ann Brodie’s Carolina Ballet, the Midland’s Civic ballet company. The partnership with the ballet company provides unique opportunities to the students, who are now exposed to all aspects and responsibilities of a professional company. In addition to providing students with extensive, year-round performance opportunities, they also share the stage with some of the regions most established professionals, both in and out of the dance community.

Few may choose dance as a professional career, yet the enriching discipline, aesthetic and enlightening experience will last a lifetime.