School Policies

Dance Attire:

Hair: must be secured off the neck and away from the face. All students in ballet class must have their hair pinned up in a bun.

All Students are required to wear appropriate dance attire. For the Safety of the students we require that they wear cover ups and street shoes to and from class.

Observers: Family and Friends may observe classes during Open House in December each year. Prospective students are encouraged to observe class, if available, prior to sign-up, with an appointment. Please ask your individual Instructor if you wish to enter the classroom during any other time.

Class Attendance and Make-up Classes: Students are encouraged to attend classes on a regular basis. Students under the age of 18, without prior parental permission, may not leave the studios without a parent or guardian. All students should be picked up in a timely fashion, within 10 minutes of the end of class. No refunds are given for missed classes, but make-up classes are available upon request. Closer to the End of the Year Performance, make-up classes will become less frequent.

Dropping/Adding Class: Students who wish to drop or add a class after registration should do so online in your portal. If this is not done properly your monthly/semester bill will not reflect the effective change.

Studio Etiquette: Student should show respect for the property of others and for the facilities: leave others belongings alone. Please help us keep the studio buildings and grounds clean and neat by putting waste, paper, etc. in the trash cans. No food or drink allowed in the studio, costume shop or administrative area. WATER may be brought into the studio in plastic bottles/empty bottles must be removed. All students must put their belongings in the place provided for them. Ann Brodies Carolina Ballet/ Center for Dance Education is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Student Leave due to Injury or Long-term Illness: Student who are required to take a leave of absence due to either injury or long-term illness should drop the enrolled classes in their online portals. It is very important these changes be made as soon as or before the absence is taken. We would like to adjust your monthly/semester bill for the period of inactivity. Please note, a long-term illness is considered any illness where the student is unable to attend class for four weeks or longer and has been diagnosed by a doctor. A copy of the doctors note should be noted and given upon request.

Cancellations due to Weather: If bad weather forces either the Richland District One or the Lexington County District One to close, our respective studio will be closed as well. An email will be sent in the event that classes are canceled due to inclement weather.

Placement Policy:

  1. Early Childhood Classes (Boys and Girls)- Parents should select a class based upon the students age as of August 1, 2021.
  2. Class placement (Boys and Girls) is made at the Director’s discretion, not by the student or parent. This is to ensure technique is properly mastered at every level. Placement decisions are made to benefit your child’s long-term dance training.
  3. Most students will work in the same level for one or more years.
  4. Entire classes do not advance to the next level as a group. Students with poor attendance do not progress at the same rate as students who attend consistently or are enrolled in additional classes.
  5. To maintain their placement level, students (Boys and Girls) must attend the required number of classes in their assigned level. If a dancer is unable to take the required number of classes in their level, they will be reassigned to a lower level.
  6. Dancers are allowed to take classes in a level lower than their assigned placement, but not in higher level.
  7. The Director will notify the student of advancing to a higher level.